Derek Hood – Computer Solutions

We at Derek Hood Computer Solutions believe that technology should help your business, not hinder it! We know that technology is fast-moving, fast-paced and almost instantly out of date. We understand that this can be a real challenge for businesses of all sizes to handle and keep up to speed.

That is where Derek and his team of computer experts comes in!

We strive to find out what your business needs the most urgent support with, and we first tackle that issue/s. We will work with you to identify real risks to your assets and talk in normal terms about how we can try to resolve these problems. As with most thing tech, there are generally numerous ways that we can tackle the IT solutions that you are encountering.

Our goal is to help you tackle and flourish with your current IT support issues, be pro-actively ready for the next set of IT challenges before they become an issue, and finally to increase your business profits whilst systematically reducing risks to your IT systems.

Derek Hood Solutions

Has your company assessed how it is going to reduce risk with IT systems? If not it is not a good strategy to just wait for the issue to arise… by then the damage could be done. Have you considered FCA or PCI compliance issues or concerns?

Our new tech platform allows your to systematically reduce these risk and allow your company networks to remain stable and functioning. We can keep you one step ahead of your competitions issues!

Does your business struggle to find the time of day to actually think about your business systems?
One of our main objectives is to allow you the time and free mind space to actually think about your systems. We will come and visit you at your site and discuss the various option and method that we can offer to help support your business requirements. We can even guide you to future problems that you are likely not aware of or even have considered.

Often the situation is that companies are reactive to issues, typically fire-fighting the issues as they arise. Does this sound like your company? This is not good business. Allow our Derek Hood and his team to act as your in-house firefighting dept for any future IT technical issues or upgrades.